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Kimalee Finelli

writer and mom sharing hope for those who hurt

Take a look at the train...

Do you ever feel that sometimes this is you? You're about to navigate a treacherous bridge to get to the other side. But you wonder-what's over there? What kind of things are waiting for me?

Life knows how to throw unexpected obstacles at us. We set out with this image in our minds of how it's going to be and it just ISN'T like we imagine. And you wonder -did I do something wrong? Or, haven't I already had my share of struggles and grief?


Now, take a closer look at the train....

You are doing it. You are leaving behind your sorrow and choosing a new path towards healing. While the bridge may look like it's going to take forever to get across, you are choosing courage over fear.   


While you embark on your new journey, remember that you are not alone. There are other burdened souls on the train taking this voyage along beside you. I am one of them. Let's cross this bridge together! Deliverance is waiting. 

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My heart for victims of religious trauma:

Victims of traumatic religious experiences have wounds that run deeper than many can begin to fathom.  These victims hide their pain and rarely get the chance to experience healing.  If you are one of these hurting souls, my heart aches for you.  To learn more, click on my Religious Trauma page and upcoming book.  

My heart for parents of kids with ADD/ADHD and anxiety: 

Parents, you are not alone. Your little one is experiencing a variety of unexpected challenges with behavior, attention, focus, and anxiety while you are struggling to just make it through the day. I have been where you are and understand how overwhelming this can be. To learn more, click on my ADHD and anxiety page. 

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About Kimalee Finelli

    I have adored books and writing since I was a young girl, often feeling frustrated with boring math problems and finding solace in an adventure book.  At 13 years old, my English teacher told me I had a gift for storytelling and gave me an A on a short story I submitted. My heart soared, and this was the beginning of my imagination taking flight.
    After graduating college with a Bachelor's degree in music, I returned to my first love:  writing.  I joined the Long Ridge Writer's Group and completed the "Breaking into Print" program. This helped me polish my writing skills along with my first glimpse into the writer's market. 
    Along the way, I've written articles, short stories, poetry, and a novel.  My book is about a woman named Kate who finds healing from her traumatic religious experience.  To learn more, view my Upcoming Novel tab. 
    While away from my writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring quaint towns, hiking near waterfalls, coffee, books, pets, and movies. I reside in sunny South Carolina with my husband and two boys.


1.  I have never mowed a lawn
2.  I love old Alfred Hitchcock movies
3.  I ran my first dog sled team at age 5. 

Helpful Resources for Religious Trauma: 

1. Marlene Winell, PhD.  wrote a book called  "Leaving the Fold: A Guide for former fundamentalists and others leaving their Religion."  She is a psychologist who has personal and professional experience with trauma and also founded the term "Religious Trauma Syndrome".   To learn more, go to her website called Journey Free: Recovery from Harmful Religion.

2.  Facebook Groups:  Exposing Spiritual Abuse and Religious Trauma Support   and Processing. 

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